XL Byg

Choose quality!
Harness the bigger potential

When XL-BYG approached envision, things were going well. 

Business was healthy and the brand was strongly positioned in both the private and the professional market. Yet XL-BYG felt there was a bigger potential. 

Our brief was to harness this potential by reinforcing and a new focus on the brand, with an aim to strengthen the brand and raise the level of consideration and preference, thus driving further business. 

Choose quality!

Through our analysis it became obvious that the brand particularly needed to focus their story around the benefits of choosing quality. Quality in materials, quality in guidance and quality in life. The story being that choosing quality always pays off – quite the opposite of what is usually heard in the market…

The narratives were built upon the preferences:
Quality over quantity
Doing it right over doing it fast
Better work over more work. 
Long term over short term. 

This story was then translated to the four main target segments: The Pro, The Semi Pro, the quality conscious and the creative DIY person, giving XL-BYG a solid foundation for future brand work. 

On top of this, new TV commercials were developed communicating this narrative.

Significant lift through the funnel

So far, the results have been astonishing. 

The new communication has made a strong impact in the brand tracking, raising the levels significantly all through the funnel: Awareness, consideration and preference. 

(And the business side is following this trend.)