How do you make europeans choose sustainably caught fish?
How do you make europeans choose sustainably caught fish?

This was the assignment given to us by WWF as their international agency on the subject. And the result wished for: an efficient 3-year campaign explaining consumers in 17 European countries why sustainably caught fish is important: to mother nature, but also to the people whose livelihood is threatened by overfishing. The goals were clear: Reach 60 million and change the buying behavior of 6 million consumers.

This species will soon be extinct – And so will the fish

Our solution was to see the small fishermen in the exact same way that WWF sees the threatened species of the Earth: Just as the tiger, the ice bear and the panda are considered threatened species, you could argue that the fisherman is also a species very close to going extinct because of overfishing.

Significant raise in awareness and behavior

The three year behaviour change goals were achieved by the middle of 2020.

Awareness (60 million contacts) was over-achieved by 16% in year 1, 41% in year 2 and 67% in year 3.

The goal of engangement (80,000 contacts) was hugely overachieved by 803% in total (Year 1: 72%, Year 2: 452%, Year 3 276%)

For the 17 EU target countries the total number of ASC products increased by 90% and the total of MSC products increased by 24%. The total volume of MSC products increased by 105%.