You exercise when you take the bike

How do you get young people to choose the bike even more often? By a humorous, distinct, and creative universe, we connected the bike to the target audience’s interest in exercise, and captured their attention 


Everyday cycling has a positive effect on several aspects. When more people choose the bike over the car, it has a positive impact on the climate, the environment, congestion, and public health. Therefore, there is a strong political desire to encourage Danes to use the bike more in their daily lives, which should be achieved through a multi-faceted campaign effort targeting different demographics. One of these demographics is the 15-21-year-olds who already cycle regularly. They should be retained as cyclists while also being motivated to use the bike even more.


Numerous studies have shown that everyday cycling has a positive health effect. Additionally, we know that the young target audience is highly interested in exercise and health. Therefore, the campaign aimed to present the bicycle as the obvious and easy choice that provides a positive personal benefit in terms of good physical fitness. Hence, the strategy was to make exercise/health the driving factor.

The message, "You exercise when you take the bike," was communicated through a series of humorous music videos on social media platforms, depicting an ordinary young cyclist as an über-cool wind rider cruising through the city to sweaty hip-hop beats. Along the way, the cyclist encounters other young people struggling with more demanding forms of exercise - who, of course, end up joining the young cycling messiah and rolling through the city with him.

Specifically, the campaign consisted of a longer main film and six short films, all revolving around the same message and targeting the audience in different ways. The campaign's second component was a series of live events at selected schools nationwide, aiming to engage with the target audience in real life. It featured a mobile juice bar powered by pedaling, producing free juice for the youth. Around the core element of the event, students were exposed to campaign messages, and campaign materials were distributed at the school.

All elements were tied together by a distinct graphic execution specifically developed for this campaign.


The campaign performed well in the target group.

Reach (FB/IG): 454,651
Impressions: >17m
VTR: 12.23 %

Recall: 36 %
Liking: 60 %
Relevance: 60%
Credible: 54 %
Interesting: 48 %
Motivating: 46 %
Thinking more positive towards cycling: 66 %
Desire to cycle more: 25 %
Cycling more today because of the ad: 49 % (87,000 young people aged 15-21 years old)