Food for men

Stryhns is the market leader in a huge product category, and the preferred ‘leverpostej’ amongst Danes. Approximately 80% of Danish consumers eat ‘leverpostej’. More than 50% of that is Stryhns. However, the market is stagnant, and the pressure from private labels and foreign production is increasing.


To showcase that Stryhns is the market leader and – by far – the preferred ‘leverpostej’ amongst Danes, a brand universe was built to communicate Stryhns as indispensable. The universe was expressed through the film “Food for Men” where a group of construction workers find an unpleasant surprise at lunch time. When something indispensable disappears, sheer panic emerges. This panic was demonstrated in a humorous way when a construction worker finds salad in his lunchbox instead of his usual sandwich. Once the salad is replaced with Stryhns Leverpostej, everybody calms down and can enjoy their lunch once again.  


In a very stable market, Stryhns was able to gain 1,4% more of the market share – moving up to 51%. The campaign itself had more than twice the effect compared to the previous marketing efforts of the brand, as the recollection of the advertisement among the consumers was at index 222. 


Eurobest, 2016 2 x Shortlist – Film + Sound Design

True Award, 2016 2 x Shortlist – Bedste Film + Bedste Sound Design

London International Awards, 2016 Bronze Winner – Production & Post-Production: Direction.

Epica Awards, 2016 2 x Gold Winner: Film + Sound Design.

Cannes Lions, 2017 Shortlist.

D&AD, 2017 Wood Pencil for Sound Design for Film Advertising.

New York Festivals, 2017 Second Prize Winner in category ”Sound Design” and Third Prize Winner in category ”Humor”.

Clio Awards, 2017 Bronze Winner – Product/Service: Sound Design.

FAB Awards, 2017 Gold Winner.