Sikkerhedsstyrelsen X Astralis

Fireworks safety campaign
Sikkerhedsstyrelsen X Astralis Fireworks safety campaign

6 out of 10 firework injuries happens to young people under the age of 25. A lot of them gamers. These injuries mostly affect the fingers and especially the eyes. Also known as a gamers most important weapons. So, to speak in a language they know, with a voice they listen to, we made Sikkerhedsstyrelsen team up with Astralis. Denmark’s and one of the world’s biggest e-sport brands.

Always use armor. Every gamer knows this. In the game of Counter-Strike, armor is a crucial necessity to prevent your character from taken unwanted damage. With that in mind, we took the concept of armor out of the game and onto the streets with a pair of cool looking custom-made safety glasses – Face Armor.

To promote Face Armor, we created a storyline comparing the bombs in the game to the real life bombs that fireworks is. Furthermore, we translated the five fireworks safety tips to Counter-Strike terms, making the target audience rediscover them in a new and relatable way.