Økologisk Landsforening

The resurrection of Gulddreng...
Save the groundwater

Økologisk Landsforening wanted people to eat more organic food. There are many reasons to do so, an obvious one being the Danish groundwater. Around the time of the campaign, stories had got out that several water drillings had been shut down. They were too polluted from the pesticides used in agriculture.

A simple solution to this problem is: Buy more organic food. However, we were dealing with a part of the population that had little interest in ecology, being light- and medium organic users. So, how do we make the ‘not very interested’ consumers actually take an interest – in an already crowded field of health messages, that exists?

The resurrection of Gulddreng...

The solution was a resurrection of Gulddreng with the release of a new single and music video on the subject of our groundwater. The point of his resurrection was primarily to create attention. But a counterweight to the ‘superficial’ Gulddreng was needed in order to raise credibility and understanding of the cause. And this we found in Malte Ebert, the civil version of Gulddreng. As son of a biologist specialized in water quality, ‘Malte’ stood as the perfect spokesman for our organic message.

In order to obtain maximum effect, we rolled out the campaign in three phases designed to create hype and increase reach. We started off with a teaser video on Gulddreng’s Facebook waking up algorithms, fans and newsrooms all over the country. When the hype was at its highest – “Is Gulddreng reappearing?” – we released the single “Stop nu” (“Stop now”) and a music video on Facebook and YouTube, thus starting the second wave of press attention. In the third phase, about 50 pieces of unique content on Facebook and YouTube was displayed, driving traffic to the campaign site where you would find an interactive calculator. With this, the Danes could check how much groundwater they could save from pesticides by buying just a few organic groceries. YouTube and Facebook served as primary media platforms along with a couple of medias close to the purchase situation: outdoor, supermarket leaflets and water installations in selected supermarkets.

Increase organic consumption

SoMe reach:
2.946.000 (39,5 % organic)

+ 5,1 mio. kr. (4 x media spend)
+ 104.000 SoMe interactions

Time spent:
7,6 years

2.320.679 audio streams on music services (still counting)
86.250 visitors on campaign website. 24.460 visitors on groundwater-calculator.

11 % uplift on the statement “You avoid pesticides in the groundwater when buying organic goods”
15 % uplift on the statement “I buy organic goods, because it protects the groundwater”

53 % in the target group will buy more organic food
Increased ecology share: 10,9 % during the campaign-month (average increase other months in 2019 vs 2018 was 6,5 %)
Estimated 636 mio. liters groundwater saved from pesticides.