Dedicated To Your Dream
Improve quality perception

In 2018 the kitchen brand Invita wanted to improve quality and price perception to compete more directly with competitors owning the premium position among the target group “hedonists” and compete less against low-end brands targeting price-conscious segments. At the same time Invita had an underperforming brand universe and saw indications of a falling consideration rate. Our job was to develop a new strategic platform, a new brand identity and a new creative concept with the goal of renewing and modernising the brand to take a bigger piece of the consumer market and thereby also securing a stronger position in the business market.

Dedicated to Your Dream

Research and insights revealed a big brand potential for Invita. Instead of talking about rational benefits, we needed to tap into the emotional drivers and barriers that are at stake, when buying a kitchen. Through qualitative interviews with the target group we found, that buying a kitchen is a big deal. It’s not only a large investment, to many the kitchen is also considered the most important room the in home playing a big role in notion “the good life” and self-actualisation. Therefore, most new kitchens start with a dream. A dream of a personal solution reflecting your unique identity and family. Furthermore, it turned out that the kitchen advisors at Invita, as opposed to its competitors’, were considered especially good at understanding the high stakes in the process of a new kitchen and meeting the individual dreams of the customers, not just treating them as standard.

Based on these findings we identified the platform “Invita - Dedicated to Your Dream” – representing both relevance to the target group with a clear brand promise and a trustworthy position for the brand. The platform was activated by emotional storytelling and an aesthetic universe portraying kitchen dreams. This gave Invita a differentiated and distinct tone of voice in an otherwise generic market of kitchen communication. The ongoing campaign consists of tv, print, in-store and digital.

Two figured growth

The dreamy universe performs like a dream and quickly redeemed both communication, brand and business goals. The negative development was turned around, and a certain effect has been secured down the whole sales funnel, in a market in growth.