Offline food
Increase relevance

Graasten is a traditional topping for the even more traditional Danish ‘smørrebrød’. The brand ESP is: gathering families and friends around the dining table. 

And this social gathering is indeed needed for! Ironically, people have never been more active on social medias – and never been lonelier or more disconnected than they are today. Even more, one out of 16 people in this country feel lonely. Apparently, social medias aren’t that ‘social’ after all. Could it be that they’re actually interrupting true social interaction? 

Relaunch of the dining table

We relaunched the dining table as a solution to being more connected with your loved ones and more social in real life. 

To illustrate how vital the dining table is as the gathering point for modern families, we created two films: “The Most Social Social Media in the World” and “The Dining Table”. The films were aired nationwide online and “The Dining Table” was shown in Danish cinemas.