Now That’s Service!
The biggest secret in Danish retail

With a total of 160 stores in Denmark, ELSalg is the country’s largest chain of electronic stores. Ironically, research revealed that ELSalg was also the least known electronic chain – AND had the lowest degree of consideration (among those who knew ELSalg). Therefore, these were the two parameters to tweak in order to get more market shares. But what did ELSalg want to be known and considered for – when cheaper alternatives were available?

Now that’s service!

The 160 stores are located throughout the Danish country and common for all of them is the stores’ roots in the local community and their freedom to manage themselves. This means that each store knows its customers and understands that good business relies on happy, returning customers. 

In order to convey this message, we created a very distinct advertising universe – with the Danish comedian Torben Chris in the lead role. As the joker Elton, he charmingly imitates a typical employee at ELSalg. One who knows the customers well enough to tease them a bit while he goes all-in on personal service. 

Happy Customers

The advertising universe was launched in August 2020. Since an improvement of brand awareness is a long-term goal, it’s too early for KPI measurements. However, the universe has already resonated in the stores where employees are often met with the campaign payoff “Now that’s service” from grateful customers.