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The joker is on the loose
The joker is on the loose

Joker was reinvented and launched as an add on to Eurojackpot, for the first time ever. The almost 20-year-old Joker was customized and adapted to the extravagant universe of Eurojackpot. The campaign was communicated through a series of films, among other campaign elements, where Joker was on the loose - appearing in odd places to surprise random people. The campaign, “Joker er løs i Eurojackpot”, was aired on national television, radio, social media, digital screens around the big cities and in nationwide newspapers.

Significant raise in sales index

The campaign was supposed to run for four weeks, but it was such a great success that Joker became a permanent part of the communication efforts from Eurojackpot. And still is today. The average sales index for Joker (across all lotteries) in the four-week campaign period was 108 - with a peak at index 120 in the third week of the campaign.

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