There’s always an occasion...
Boost the brand

Danish candy producer Carletti is famous for the iconic P-tærter and Skumbananer.

In recent years, however, competition has intensified and other brands increased their spending. So, Carletti wanted to boost its brand salience and conquer market shares. 

Candy being the king of impulse buying, the brand that speaks most powerfully to the subconscious of consumers will be more likely to end up in the shopping cart. Combined with the fact that we remember 40% of the TV commercials we saw last night and only 15% of the brands behind, Carletti wanted a simple yet sympathetic and relatable universe with a clear message.

Occasion = candy!

Our research paved the way for the solution: Consumers prefer eating sweets when they can justify it with an occasion of some sort. This insight was transformed into a distinct advertising universe with actresses Lærke Winther and Nanna Winther hanging out in Carletti’s own canteen. They embody two charming and down-to-earth employees who always manage to find an occasion for celebrating with a treat from Carletti’s product range – allowing candy-loving consumers to do the same.

Because there’s always an occasion!