The club of special offers in Denmark

Bilka plus
Not another customer club

There are plenty of Customer Clubs. Too many, some would say. These days, consumers expect you to save their receipt digitally, and invitations for presale don’t impress either. So, what to do when Bilka is to launch yet another customer club?

A Club of Offers

The answer is: Don’t! Don’t launch another customer club. Launch a Club of Offers instead. A club with one focus only, a focus on what the Danes love and what Bilka excels in: great offers!

Thus, Bilka Plus, The Club of Offers in Denmark, came to existence on June 2020. Were the Danes ready to save a lot of money? Oh yes, they were! Only a few weeks after the launch, the sign-up goal for the entire year of 2020 had already been reached.