Even when it is absolutely hilarious, we take creativity very seriously.


The creative product is the very heart of the marketing machinery. It is the result of a long journey from visions and goals, on through planning, tons of data and customer insights implemented in a brief – the launch pad for the creative rocket. Creativity is the explosion on the night sky fascinating and seducing its audience.

Creativity uses every trick to achieve a goal. It sneaks around like a thief in the night. It is present in every gadget in every home. And it’s in the street scene where you would least expect it.

Creativity is the means to achieve the goal. And a short cut to the consumer’s mind and heart. And maybe this is the reason why some say: The smaller the budget, the bigger the need for creativity. But at Envision, we believe all budgets need to be managed in that mindset. It must be creative. It must be quirky, dramatic, mind-blowing, funny, serious, and always – always – surprising.

Just as it must have an aesthetic focus. Aesthetics are the perfect bridge between design and the overall concept. It awakes sympathy, joy, recognition and loyalty. It is a philosophy of life – and a wish for a beautiful world.

The phases of creativity are:

  • Briefing
  • Creative sparring
  • Idea generation
  • Basic narrative
  • Communications platform
  • Development of campaigns for all platforms
  • Copy
  • Design
  • Art direction
  • Digital / SoMe
  • Film
  • Events
  • Creative management in all phases