The most important part is you

Borg Automotive Group
B2B is about people

Surveys prove it: Emotional campaigns beat rational campaigns in B2B marketing. However, many B2B companies are reluctant to follow this path. But the Danish company, BORG Automotive Group, is another bold exception. 

They asked Envision to develop a brand platform to increase awareness among distributors, car makers and their suppliers. And in the long run brand preference among the mechanic workshops. Prior to the creative work, there was a long process where the client and the agency together mapped the company’s DNA and the strategic barriers and opportunities for the brand. 

The result is a quite bold and ambitious film about seamless customer experiences, which establishes BORG’s position as a leading European, independent automotive remanufacturer. About how BORG employees listen and go further in their efforts to meet their customers' needs.

A human touch in a changing industry

Based on the new payoff 'The most important part is you' the agency's creative team and its own film department presented an ambitious take on the concept. They also handled storyboard, casting, directing, postproduction, and special effects – and even creatively handcrafted props for the many different scenes.

BORG's own sales and marketing team have participated in the entire process from the initial meeting until the film was shot in an industrial building south of Aarhus. Group Marketing Manager Janni Langkjær Pedersen says, “We are a fairly Jutlandish company, and it takes a bit to impress us. But we have been praised for a professional, beautiful, and apt film across the company's international departments. In collaboration with Envision, we have produced a film that speaks to who we are and what we can do at BORG Automotive Group. It makes us proud.”