Envision is founded in 1988 and today one of Denmark’s largest advertising agencies working with clients in many different industries, particularly within the retail and food sector. We believe that an in-depth understanding of the brand, the market and the target audience reveals the key to creative impact and market success. Therefore, we invest heavily in human insights and market research.

Our goal is always to make the most of your brand’s potential which makes us just as strategic as we are creative. With one hand we conceive creative concepts that move the hearts and minds of the target audience – with the other we maintain a strong focus on generating maximal ROI for our clients.

We are awarded
for creativity and effectiveness

  • Creative Circle
  • Epica Awards
  • Clio awards
  • AEA
  • Rambuk
  • New York Festivals Advertising Award

by Danish advertisers


”MyImage 2019” by MyResearch: Analysis based on the response of 768 marketing executives.

& advanced in our organization

We belong to a strong family of specialized agencies in First Chair Group (FCG). A fast-growing and highly ambitious network where each member makes the others better through dedicated collaboration and shared clients. 



Chief Executive Officer

Anders Tranæs

Chief Creative Officer & Partner

Jesper Herholt

Chief Financial Officer

Irene Mortensen

Digital Director

Esben Amtorp

Creative Director

Peter Boe

Strategic Director

Tomas Olesen

Client Service Director

Jesper Heinsvig

Client Service Manager

Bjarke Nordestgaard Petersen

Chief Process Officer

Annette Quorning

Head of Production

Hanne Østergaard

Head of Repro & Production

Chris Mikkelsen

Head of IT

Kim Birk

Board Member & Partner

Mona Juul

Chief Brand Officer

Thomas Søby Eskildsen

Creative Director

Lars Simonsen