We have won a SPOT:ON Activation Award

22. Jan 2019

We are extremely proud to have won the brand activation award SPOT:ON in the category ”Social” for our work with hummel and the LGBT campaign ”Rainbow Russia”. ​​

​”Change the World Through Sport” is one of hummels key issues, a perfect brand fit and link to hummels DNA. A brave and thought provoking campaign, perfect timing in taking a standpoint in an honest and authentic way, are a few words from the jury.  

SPOT:ON Activation Award is Denmark’s new award that honors “excellence” within sponsorships and industry events. The goal is to set a spot light on the best and most inspiring use of brand activation in connection with sponsorships and commercial partnerships. The award is a recognition for documentation, targeted, strategic and innovative work with use of sponsorship or event with commercial use.   

See the winning case here