Maximizing brand potential

We are big

Envision is an advertising and knowledge bureau based in Aarhus.
Envision was founded in 1988 and is now one of the largest agencies in Denmark.

We are good

In the latest image analysis*, Envision once again has been judged one of Denmark’s best agencies:

Envision’s image, MyImage study 2019

No. 1 at consumer insights
No. 1 at undestanding the client's business
No. 6 agency overall

– the effect of which you can see right here

*MyImage 2019, MyResearch: Analysis based on the responses of 768 marketing responsible.

We do our best

But we honestly don’t care about being big, and although we are proud of placing well in an image analysis, it’s actually not all that important.
What matters is that we do our best every day. Always and all of the time. 
Strategically, creatively, digitally, and by delivering solutions that our customers and business partners can trust.
Work that achieves your goals by changing people, opinions and products.

We do it together

We are pretty savvy at developing business concepts, communication strategies, creative concepts – and automation of production processes.
This is partly because we don’t just take things at face value, and we don’t work from a fixed template that won’t suit all situations or all customers anyway.
It’s so important that we don’t swamp each other with gibberish, but that we actually develop, make a change and generate results. Together.

No, thank you

We politely decline requests to present pitches that are meaningless to us.
These are typically microscopic assignments where at least 6 agencies are invited to present a pitch. Thanks. But no thanks.

On the other hand, we are always willing to meet for a conversation and always happy to share our knowledge and opinions.
Regardless of whether you are big, small, new, old – or just want to find out what we can do.

Come as you are

With more than 100 dedicated, enthusiastic innovators in house, we have numerous products and services on offer: Advertising, branding, visual identity, competitive analysis, design, digital business development, social media, community management, consumer habits, production – from content to advertising supplements and in-store collateral, automation – e.g. bannerflow and catalogue production, product development, corporate communication…


Maximizing Brand Potential

Our sole purpose is to boost your business. We discover new opportunities. 
Develop relevant, credible and differentiated messaging.
And we deliver solutions on every platform.
Every single day.

Chief Executive Officer

Anders Tranæs

Chief Client Officer

Christian Dahl Kirkegaard

Chief Creative Officer & Partner

Jesper Herholt

Chief Financial Officer & Partner

Anni Sørensen

Digital Director

Esben Amtorp

Chief Process Officer

Annette Quorning

Head of Production

Hanne Østergaard

Head of Repro & Production

Chris Mikkelsen

Head of IT

Kim Birk Laursen

Board Member & Partner

Mona Juul