Envision are looking for a Strategic Planner

"effective solutions most often are based on good human insights"

We are currently looking for a Strategic Planner. A person who can develop platforms and strategies for ambitious brands. A person who knows what a good insight is and who is able to find the needle in the haystack. A person who can make what seems complicated simple. A person who is keeping up with the industry and is familiar with the best cases from all over the world. A person who can inspire the creative colleagues. And not least a person who can make valuable, well-thought-out and well-argued solutions.

We would prefer that you are not a senior profile. Instaed we imagine that you have a bit of experience and know the basic premises for the work as a strategic planner - a good digital understanding and experience with CX analysis is an advantage, but it is not a requirement.

We are one of largest advertising agencies in Denmark with headquarter in Aarhus, and we work with a large number of strong brands such as hummel, Bilka, XL-BYG, Økologisk landsforening and WWF.

The hallmark of our work is that we do everything we possible can in order to create good results for our customers – and we believe that these results always come from the combination of gifted strategic planning and strong creativity.

Our approach to planning is ’human centric.’ This means that if you are just like us, you believe that effective solutions most often are based on good human insights – combined with solid quantitative data.

As a Strategic Planner you feel safe in various methods. We often work with interviews, focus groups, workshops, observational studies, surveys, Index Denmark and of course desk research - but you do not have to be an expert in all of them. And if you have other tools to offer, we would love to hear and learn about them.

Our strategic department is generally characterized by curiosity. On people and on the subject. And if you are still reading along and have been able to cross of (most of) the above, then we are curious about you too!

Please send a little bit about yourself, your CV and possibly some examples of your best work or give Strategic Director Tomas Olesen a call on +45 51 24 34 21 to hear more.

PS: The position is based in Aarhus, but you will probably also work with some of our customers in Copenhagen.

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