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Ideas that make sense

We are one of the best advertising agencies in Denmark.

We pride ourselves on this fact. Because we are ranked no. 5 in the Agencies Image Survey of 2014. We are one of the oldest agencies in Danish advertising. We are proud of being one of the few agencies not to have American backers – we are just us. And we are proud to be one of the most talked-about agencies in Denmark in terms of our knowledge, work, advertising awards and the føtex supermarket jingle, which Danes either love or hate. 


envisions Image Survey 2014

No. 1 on consumer insight
No. 2 on understanding client businesses
No. 4 on generating good results

- Find out more about all this here

Source: MyImage 2014 MyResearch: Analysis based on 556 marketing replies. Includes 36 advertising agencies, 13 media agencies and 20 digital agencies.

It is all about fixing things – while continually thinking.

We strive to be honest with our clients and with ourselves. We can honestly say, our special skill is about getting things done and rolled out into the world. But we are constantly thinking about the work that we do. This is why it makes sense for us to be an advertising- and knowledge agency that is able to bring creativity, expertise, digital media, design and production to the table, depending on our clients' needs.

envision is a knowledge-seeking agency.

Good ideas are not just fun for the fun of it and are not simply random concepts. They are not just advertising nonsense and empty bling. At envision, ideas make sense. Sense for consumers in their everyday lives. And sense for our clients and their goals and ambitions. We believe that the right knowledge generates strategic creativity that moves people, attitudes and products. 

We have defined our dream client.

We have large clients, medium-sized clients and small clients. But size is not what is important to us. We have many food industry and retail clients. We have banks, amusement parks, shopping centres and public institutions among our clients. And many others. But client category is not what is important to us. What is most important to us is working with clients who also believe that ideas need to make sense.

Our priority is that it works.

The communication strategy, the creative idea and the impact form a trinity that makes sense. Because what we do has to make sense. Whether it is all about selling more products, increasing awareness or changing attitudes. Every day we create results and strengthen our long-term partnership with our clients. This is why we are proud to have won an Advertising Effectiveness Award 2011 for Fårup Sommerland. This is why impact is vital in all our work.


Bilka is without doubt the only Danish supermarket that can say: “We have it all, a little extra and much more”.

Campaign for presence

The campaign for the Danish Ministry of Education is about absence and truancy, but we call it a presence campaign. Case: Everyone needs to be here.


How do you stand out in a field that is overly marked by price wars and stereotypical ideas about do-it-yourself-projects?


The aim of Skoringen's new advertising was to standardise their communication and build up their brand as the preferred shoe outlet for Norwegian and Danish families.

Punkt 1/expert

envision has created a shared marketing framework for expert and punkt1 with supermarket leaflets and television that encompasses the brand values of both chains. Case: Combined expert and punkt1.

Føtex Price Match

in partnership with føtex, envision has developed the Price Match campaign that guarantees discounted prices on a range of branded products. Case: føtex Price Match


Envision has been there from the start. From the development of the name and brand identity to the development of Waoo!'s communication universe. Case: The fortune tellers.

Levevis - is there for you

envision developed the strategy, packaging design and creative universe behind Levevis to make it easier to make healthy choices in Netto, Bilka and føtex. Case: Levevis is there for you.


For more than 20 years, envision has been behind Denmark's most stylish supermarket leaflet as well as all the rest of the marketing for føtex. And we still are … Case: føtex likes stylishness.


The challenge was to increase the amount of subscribers to Skagenfoods boxes with fresh fish.


iMidt is a joint platform created by the public sector of financial growth, which helps small and larger companies to expand their businesses.

From thought to action.

At envision, we look to the world for knowledge and insight that will make us smarter about media, markets and people. But we do not just look. We are an agency full of passionate people who involve ourselves both inside and outside our own four walls. If we find a project where we believe we can make a difference, we won't wait long to take action. It simply makes sense for us to start acting – even before we have finished thinking.


We blog about insights, knowledge, audiences and ideas that make sense.

Visit our blog

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We will always like to receive applications and resumes from talented candidates. Even if we are not looking for new colleagues at the moment. Please send your application to job@envision.dk. We aim to respond within 14 days.



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